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GalvanoScanner GS02
makes current densities visible for everyone!
The GalvanoScanner is a measurement instrument which determines in real-time an accurate and quantitative information on the current density distribution in an electrolyte bath. Thus, the user gets measured and reliable predictions about the current density distribution and the success of provisions to improve the homogeneity of the coating. The unnecessary generation of high layer thicknesses can be avoided. The upper picture shows the measuring electronics (1) and the measuring probe (2) of the GalvanoScanner, the lower picture shows its front view. The measuring probe can be manually guided by the user in the electrolyte bath and moved freely in various directions. The local ion current density is detected by the sensor system of the measuring probe, forwarded to the measurement electronics for further processing and for displaying. The measured data can be output via CAN-bus and recorded by PC. By means of simply measuring the current density distribution selective countermeasures can be taken, for example the use of conductive and non-conductive auxiliary cathode or cover plates, and checked the result in a short time. Thus tremendous savings in raw material and energy consumption and increase of the productivity can be achieved.

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