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May 2019:
A test bench was developed for SICOCS with a ferrite toroid and only one coil for the feasibility study of the concept SICOCS. The components are a single coil toroid, hardware, NI device and algorithm in LabVIEW. The tests prove the feasibility of the SICOCS concept.

Mars 2019:
Production of a long measuring probe SP01 with a length of 120 cm (on order).


June 2018:
GalvanoScanner GS02 is serially manufactured. GS02 is CE compliant and contains many new features and higher measurement resolution compared to the trial version GS01!

December 2017:
Development of the simulation tool SIGAMSA (Simulation of an electroplating bath with multiplen separaten Anoden) for use in project VESAS.

März 2017:
Design and construction of an NaCl electroplating testing bath with one cathode und three separated anodes, three separated voltage supplies, three current density sensors and three GalvanoScanners GS01. Die tests prove, that a homogenization of the current density distribution via regulation of voltage supplies is possible.

February 2017:
Launch of project VESAS (Process technology for generating homogeneous layer thicknesses through sensor network and individually controllable current sources).

Januar 2016:
Launch of project SICOCS (Single Coil Conpensated Current Sensor).

January 2015:
Launch of project AMAS (Automated Measurement and Analysis System for Online Determination of the Current Density in Plating Baths).
September 2011:
Launch of project Universal Interlock System.

September 2009:
Launch of project EmSiG (Real-time Measurement of the Current Density to Increase Resource Efficiency in Electroplating Production).